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Pop-up Feasts

Full house for Festa sul Prato’s successful Sardinian pop-up feast 

“The food was like going back, through flavour, to our roots. That was amazing.”

Almost 70 diners feasted on a day-long celebration of the best of Sardinian produce at Deptford’s acclaimed cafe, Festa sul Prato on Sunday 10th November. 

In the first of a winter series of pop-up cooking days to be hosted by Festa owner, Martin Hoenle, the three-course lunch and dinner showcased the produce from Sardinian supplier, Capo Caccia Fine Food and was expertly cooked by Pescara-born chef Paolo Del Pizzo. 

At the collaboration between the three, were Sardinian cheeses, fish, braised pork and a traditional Bavarian dessert: dishes were paired with hand-picked wine.

Sardinian native and diner, Alessandro Bisu said: “The meal was like going back, through flavour, to our roots, which was amazing. But the combination between the Sardinian flavour and the Bavarian apfelstrudel, was also very good. 

“Even though we are Sardinians, and we love the produce from our land, we are very international and like to experiment. We like new combinations of food. 

“Today the food was genuine, well presented, cooked well, and the atmosphere is great.”

Fellow Sardinian Marina Falbo agreed. She said: The apple sauce from the braised pork followed through to the spices of the desert. It all worked well together. 

Local resident’s Diana and Derek Robbins added: “The food was lovely, interesting, unusual, and affordable.”

Capo Caccia owner Antonio Arca, who trades at various south east London weekend markets, spent time talking through the ingredients and dishes with all diners. He said: “The benefit to us in doing this pop-up is a way of showing my customers how to eat Sardinian food, to discover local flavours, and local produce.

“It is a way for us to explain the flavour behind the cheese, the salami, the bread, the extra virgin olive oil. And it’s nice to see them here, eating the produce rather than at the market buying it.”

Martin said: “This was a chance for diners to sample quality food from both regions, Sardinia, and Bavaria, cooked with the best ingredients by a talented chef who will bring out the flavours with his skill.

“The event has brought in a lot of new people, not only to Festa but to this area as a whole.”

About Capo Caccia Fine Food:

It was a desire to bring his love of traditional Sardinian food that prompted Antonio Arca to set up Capo Caccia in 2012. For the last seven years he has imported top samples from Sardinian cheese producers, butchers and farmers selling the finest Pecorino cheese, and range of gluten and lactose-free salami seasoned with fennel, myrtle leaves and sun-dried chilli marinated in red and white wine.

About Festa sul Prato:

With Bavarian-born Martin Hoenle in the kitchen, the cook/owner of the park café, based in Deptford’s Folkstone Gardens, has garnered a reputation for fresh, simple dishes done well. Since opening three years ago, the business, whose menu ranges from breakfast, lunch-time sandwiches and pasta dishes, afternoon cakes, and evening meals of fish, and steak, was called “utterly cheery, fun and good hearted” by leading Observer food critic, Jay Rayner.   

Sardinian/Bavarian menu


*Selection of Sardinian cheeses £10 Plate of charcuterie from Sardinia, £10
*Smoked swordfish on flatbread £5 Flatbread and melted ‘peretta’ cheese, £5 


*Braised pork shoulder on charred cabbage and apple sauce, £12
*Whole sea bass with lemon, herb sauce and garlic, £15
*Fregola and artichoke with smoked ricotta or bottarga, £11 


*Roasted rosemary potatoes, £4
*Salad of root vegetables, £5 


*Home-made Bavarian Apfelstrudel, £5.5 

Coffee and tea selection; please see blackboard in restaurant

All products were sourced sustainably and from artisan suppliers.

For more information on future pop-up feasts at Festa contact:

E:  M: 07814 829 912
Festa sul Prato, hönle cafe and restaurant, corner of Trundleys Road and Rolt Street, Folkestone Gardens, London SE8 5JE